Oh Hell Yes: A Unicorn Nursing Bra Now Exists

We were featured in our first article on April 4th by PureWow.com!

“Real talk: For many women, nursing a baby is not an easy, carefree process. Things leak and chafe, and sometimes getting your kid to latch on feels like a herculean effort. But there are ways to make the whole thing run a little smoother or even, dare we say, fun. And this delightful unicorn nursing bra is a great place to start.

The trendy print was a natural addition to Behr Bras’ collection of whimsical nursing bras, which already includes mermaid scales and tiger stripes along with ten bright and cheery solids. The brand aims to offer an alternative to the scores of bland beige, black and white options out there and make nursing a bit more entertaining, however challenging it may be.”

Check it out the whole article here 🙂

Oh Hell Yes: A Unicorn Nursing Bra Now Exists

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