Our Story

After having my daughter, Isabel, on my birthday in September of 2015, I had a really hard time adjusting to the world of being a breastfeeding human. The nursing bras that I found made me feel even more insecure about this new challenging chapter in my life. One day, after shopping with my sister for a tank top, we decided something needed to change. And from that day on, Behr Bras was born. Now, Behr Bras is a bra that can be used not only when nursing, but is comfortable and practical for any stage of motherhood. Whether you are expecting, nursing, or living the mom lifestyle. Our bra will keep up with all of your motherly ways.

The Behr Bras Movement |#normalizebreastfeeding

This campaign is more than just creating awesome bras for all stages of motherhood. Behr Bras was created to raise awareness to the awesomeness that is motherhood and to help empower mothers to stand out in bright and exciting colors and be proud of all that is mom.

We are TIRED of the standard black, white and beige options currently occupying the market. We believe those colors send the message to women to hide away, and we won’t do it!

The days of hiding your bra are OVER. It’s time to stand out and make it known what you are…. an AWESOME momma!

Thank You For Your Continued Support