Our Story

After having my daughter Isabel on my birthday in September of 2015, I had a really hard time adjusting to the world of being a breastfeeding human. Time in the NICU and latch issues made breastfeeding a struggle. And then the bland beige, black and white nursing bras that I found made me feel even more insecure about this new challenging chapter in my life.

One day while shopping with my sister for a tank top, my frumpy beige bra was showing and she teased me hard. “There aren’t any good options!” I exclaimed, and we looked at each other stunned as that realization sank in. And from that day on, I was determined to change that unfortunate fact.

After some time in development, we created an exceptionally comfortable, durable, fun-colored line of fade-resistant, dry-quick, odor-resistant premium fabric bras. And now women can have a beautiful bra that can be worn not only while nursing, but are comfortable and practical for all the things. Whether you are expecting, nursing, or chasing a toddler, our bras will keep up with whatever life throws at you.

The Behr Bras Movement |#normalizebreastfeeding

Breastfeeding in public used to be a normal thing, people wouldn’t even blink an eye. But now, for some reason, women are being told to go breastfeed in a bathroom, or cover up when it’s 100 degrees outside. We aren’t a fan of women being shamed for doing something natural, so we created our colorful bras with empowerment in mind. It’s easier to take on the world when your feel great, and we want our bras to help you get there. When you look down at your camo/mermaid/unicorn bra, remember that we have your back! #MamaBehrProud

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